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Hi Norman Neal Thanks again for sorting my 2005 Audi A4 B7 3.0 TDi Quattro S-line, Your Detoxing made a huge & noticeable difference to performance, I noticed a difference immediately after, but just like you said it did take a couple of days to notice the big difference! I guess the rubbish takes time to be expelled? Top Job mate & highly recommend others to at least try it, particularly for ropey old Diesels like mine eh!

Cheers again Norman Neal, Phil Lewis

Hi Norman, I thought I would give you an update on the issue with my car after you performed your carbon clean. As you may remember the car was extremely sluggish and once cleaned you found a fault code stored in the cars memory. I took the car for a spin a couple of hours after you left and noticed a vast improvement but it still was not right. I finally got the car booked in to a Merc specialist who read the codes and traced the fault to a swirl flap being out of range, he reset this and the car was back to normal. I feel that the swirl flap was covered in carbon which was stopping them from opening / closing on bank one but your cleaning service cleaned a lot of this away if not all allowing the flaps to work normally once reset. I would like to say thanks for coming out so quickly, explaining to me the process and most of all almost curing the issue thanks Paul

Paul Truscott (Strood)

Great job done by Norman. Had the Detoxing done on my Ford S Max today. Then had 1.5hrs drive home. Car felt so much better and improved my MPG. Highly recommend people to have this done. 🖒 Will be seeing him again to my Focus done

Dave Manning (Facebook Review)

I arranged a day for carbon cleaning with my friends. All have said they all have had improvements to power and throttle response. Just a better feel to the cars drive. We are going to do a before and after on a dyno to see if there is a better response on one of the car. Hopefully a bit more power.

Charlie Pincott (Facebook Review)

Norm came out to my work place on Bank Holiday Monday morning even know he got in very early hours that morning. He is a great guy, very pleasent and knew all about his equipment and was more than happy to tell and show me how it worked. After checking my car for codes and other issues he started the procedure for cleaning the car. All I can say is iv had the car on the road for about 1 complete day since the clean and my MPG has increased by 7 to 9 MPG extra going from work to home. Considering I have a Audi A5 2.0 TDI which is good on fuel anyway it's got even better and I'm very happy. Many Thanks Mate I shall pass on your details to my Friends and colleagues �

Stay safe in that boat �

James Smith (Facebook Review)

I was sceptical if im honest but went for a full clean, engine, dpf, and air con clean. I have to admit im pleasantly surprised.
I immediately noticed how much smoother the engine ran and even in idle didnt sound as noisy or typically diesal so to speak. My mpg has increased slightly by about 4/5 mpg and acceleration is smoother for want of a better word. Its a 1.4 c3 so not going to win any prizes for speed or acceleration lol.
On the whole im very happy, Norm is a nice chap to deal with and its def something il be incorperating into part of my maintenance as i use my car a lot.
Its well worth considering if your cars running a bit lumpy or lacking in get up and go compared to earlier times

Wendy Filby (Facebook Review)

Just had my 2013 ford transit 2.2 done after 130000 miles on the clock I thought I’d give this a cleaning a shot and wow all I can say is I should have done it sooner the van feels more responsive and even feels as if it’s got more power would recommend to anyone nice friendly service and was done within an hour

Dan Adams (Facebook Review)

Just had my mondeo mk4 2.2 tdci detox ed I wasn't having any issues with my car but thought I'd get it done. I took it up the road after and I tell you now my car feels smoother more responsive and quicker so a big thankyou to Norm very professional and I'll see you in a year ...we all could do with a detox once in a while so why shouldn't your motor. Money well spent.

Daren Hutchings (Facebook Review)