Our mobile technicians are fully equipped with the latest hydrogen generators and are fully independent, meaning they can attend your home, work or a convenient rendezvous. Step one is a diagnostic check on your vehicle to make sure there are no underlying problems you may not be aware of.


Once completed we run your engine to bring it up to normal running temperature, we then attached a hydrogen feed into your air intake and our generator pulses regulated hydrogen into your engine. This process is completely safe and the engine runs normally during the cleansing process.


Many independent studies looking at the benefits of adding hydrogen to an internal combustion engine, commonly conclude that the increase thermal burns rate, disintegrates, and removes carbon deposits




Your engine detox uses a process that adds hydrogen to oxygen. Hydrogen has a very high specific energy density, that is to say it contains a lot of energy in a small mass and is a very ecologically friendly gas so is completely safe to be used in cleaning your vehicles engine.


The effects of injecting hydrogen into your engine makes it possible to raise the combustion temperature to trigger pyrolysis combustion, a chemical reaction that vaporises, and eliminates carbon deposits. We simply insert a tube from our detox machine into the air intake duct of an engine and leave the process to run. The average vehicle takes 30-45 minutes to be cleaned and the results can be seen immediately upon completion.


Periodically increasing the revs during the process flushes the loosened carbon deposits which can normally be seen coming out of the exhaust.




• Works on all engines types

diesel, petrol, or LPG

• Removes up to 75% of carbon


• Restores fuel consumption

• Increases engine power

• Engine noise is reduced


• Extends the life of expensive engine parts helping them work more efficiently


• Soot and scale are removed from parts like the turbo vanes, EGR valve, DPF’s, catalytic convertors, injectors, valves, and airways etc.


• Increased acceleration

• Emissions drastically reduced


• Improved fuel economy

• Engine’s lifecycle is extended


Our service is not about giving an engine more power, it’s about given the engine back the power it has lost over time due to carbon build-up and assisting it to run and breath more easily


Suitable for cars, vans, HGV and boats

We offer hydrogen cleaning for petrol, LPG and diesel engines, cars, vans, motorcycles, tractors and agricultural machines, construction and earth moving equipment, diesel generators and vessels with a total displacement to 30,000cc. We cover the Kent area of South East England but for trade/commercial enquiries, we travel further so please contact us for more information. Detox My Engine are fully insured and trained professionals.

diesel, petrol, or LPG