SOME Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What benefits can I expect?


A: This depends on how congested your engine is with carbon build up, all engines will see some benefit but the more carbon residue within your engine the greater benefits. Typically Engine Detox is more beneficial on diesel, higher mileage vehicles, vehicles that are not driven great distances, stop start vehicles like taxis or buses and vehicles that see little use. Common benefits you can expect are:


• Reduced emissions

• Reduced smoke from the exhaust

• Smother running

• Reduced noise

• Smoother acceleration and pick-up

• Improved throttle response and easier engine pick-up

• Increased MPG

• Increased power

• A more pleasurable driving experience


Q: What happens when you visit?


A: The first thing the technician will do is carry out a visual inspection to check for any obvious issues there may be with your vehicle, then we do a diagnostics check by connecting to the vehicles ECU ( Engine Control Unit). Both these checks tell us if there are any underlying issues you may not be aware of. If everything is OK we proceed and run your engine to bring it up to temperature. Once up to temperature we start the decarbonizing process by connecting our Engine Detox machine to the air intake. This process takes about 30-40 minutes and during the process we periodically rev the engine which assist with the removal of loosened carbon deposits.


Q: Is the engine Detox safe?


A: The process is completely safe, all we are doing is removing the build-up of carbon that has been deposited over the years in your engine. We are not altering any of your engine parameters and the hydrogen pulse is regulated to ensure we only put enough in to aid the carbon burn off process. This is a service to remove carbon build-up.  If however your engine has any underling faults that we or in fact you are not aware of which could be hidden by carbon build up and possibly the carbon is the only thing still holding a particular part together, then the removal of the carbon may expose those issue.


Q: How often is it recommended?


A: Many customers have an engine detox as part of their routine annual service, perhaps every 12-15,000 miles. There is no need to have it done more often than that and by having an engine detox you are increasing the life cycle of your engine and expensive engine components, so it’s a good old preventative service that will save you money in the short and long run.


Q: Will it effect my warranty?


A: It is a cleansing process and we have not seen a warranty that prevents you from cleaning your vehicle even if it’s the engine. If you are concerned about this, we recommend that you speak to your vehicle dealer or warranty supplier first.


Q: Does it fix faulty Turbos or Cats?


A: Both the Turbo and Catalytic Converter are precise pieces of engineering and are prone to suffering from carbon build-up. If your turbo problem is as a result of sticking vanes or restricted airflow then an engine detox will assist in sorting the problem, if however there is a mechanical issue with your turbo or cat then unfortunately our service will not rectify that issue


Q: Does it work on all engine types?


A: Yes an engine detox will work on all types of vehicle engine, be this petrol, diesel, domestic or commercial. It will work with rotary engines and direct injection engines. Even if your EGR is removed or blanked off, the process will still work wherever the hydrogen can reach.


Q: My DPF is blocked and going in Limp mode?


A: An engine detox will assist with freeing up a blocked DPF, you might need to clock up a few miles after the clean to see the full benefits though, if your DPF is so blocked there is limited gas-flow it might benefit from a couple of detox processes over a period of time.


Q: What if it goes wrong or causes damage?


A: An engine detox is an extremely safe, proven and reliable method of cleaning your engine. The machine is operated by a highly experienced and trained mechanic so the potential for any damage is extremely negligible and we have never yet experienced an issue through our detox process. However we take full responsibility for your engine detox and should an issue arise as a result of the process or operator error and this issue be proven to be a result of our actions then of course we will accept liability. To this effect we are fully insured and carry public liability insurance that will cover such instances if they ever arise.


Q: Do you guarantee your results?


A: We do not guarantee our results because every engine is different and the amount of carbon build up / carbon removed will give different results. What we do guarantee is that you should notice a change in one or more respects, be this fuel economy, performance or emissions. The results will also vary depending on the age of your vehicle and be less noticeable on newer, cleaner engine vehicles.